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You may not gain more money to start a business but you suppose to have a great business idea. If you go to others to discuss about it and if you really ask for any suggestion from them, you would not get the right path. A lot of wrong suggestion, you may get from them.  It is also be possible to be frustrated. So, you do not need to take unnecessary headache about the capital which you think to require. Without a huge capital, you can also get start a new venture.

You know that we all live in an advance era.  Here internet, smart phone and advance technologies are the main things to all and these are all available to us. So, you can run your business idea from your bedroom. But you need a phone, computer and internet connection. You can recruit freelance employees who will get payment according to hour basis or work basis. So, you are free here to provide them monthly salary.

As per you will get the clients and works, you will do your job and you can divide your work load to your freelance employees. So, ultimately you and your business will run well without a physical office. So, you can utilise your business ideas also through the internet.


Let’s see what kinds of facilities can we get from the internet?

It is true that when you will start your business, you may not get better response.  But you should not become frustrated as it is very natural to all. At first, we do not like to believe on the new comers. I mean to say that the business which does not have any show up office, people at first will not believe. But you have to walk slowly and step by step you will gain the customers.

All you have to make a professional image of your business ideas. Through this, you can bring the attention of the people. In this matter you can ask for help of Flickr. It will aid you to post your business images online and apart from this, you can host any video which is very relevant for your business.

You can follow the mail forwarding tips also. It also helps to increase your business. As now a days, most small businesses are starting from home, so mail service is very important for your business. If you have a proper mail, address your business will get more importance to your clients and people. So, you should go ahead with process also to get a better return.

Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ) is a free zone situated in RAK and was built up in 2001. The free zone has more than 5,000 organizations as its individuals cover different fields and financial exercises.

Why set up in this free zone?

It is seen as a financially savvy, bother free and secure alternative for setting up a business in the UAE. Besides, it has won honors as the best developing free zone in 2006, 2007 and 2008, and is ISO ensured.

Focal points of setting up in this free zone

By setting up an organization in RAK FTZ, you will be qualified for 100% outside responsibility for organization itself and discretionary visa offices. You won’t confront any traditions obligation and there is 0% salary and company assess. There are no confinements on work and neither on cash. RAK FTZ Promotion Centers have been set up in various areas all through the UAE. The point of these focuses is to give advertising and deals, customer bolster and managerial administrations at areas advantageous for existing and potential customers who are in the UAE, however not situated in Ras Al Khaimah itself. At long last, it brags straightforward and venture inviting laws and directions.

What is the time allotment?

It will take around 3 to 4 weeks (subject to accommodation of the rent consent to the powers and storing the share capital in the bank) to finish the whole enrollment method and get the exchange permit from the free zone.

How to set up in this free zone?

To set up an organization in RAK FTZ Offshore, you will require a marketable strategy, travel permit duplicates, bank reference letters and CV/confirmation of training.

What else would you be able to anticipate from this free zone?

By fusing in RAK FTZ, you will pick up the advantage of neighborhood, and additionally universal, mark acknowledgment with workplaces in India, Europe, Turkey and USA. Notwithstanding this, they give the Mazeed benefit work area which gives an expansive scope of administrations including protection, publicizing, enlistment and preparing. These are given to guarantee productive post-consolidation operations.

Ras Al Khaimah

Each organization working inside RAK FTZ is required to acquire a business permit. A business permit (otherwise called an exchange permit) is a period constrained allow conceded to an organization to embrace business, counseling or modern exercises inside the free zone. Ras Al Khaimah – generally alluded to as RAK – is one of the seven Emirates that make up the UAE league. The northernmost EmirateComputer Technology Articles, it is found roughly 100 kilometers north-east of Dubai.