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E-juice is a substance used in composition e-cigar rates. People are often confused about smoking and vaping. Though both involve intake of nicotine but vaping involves inhaling vapours from a personal vaporizer via an e-cigarette. Vaping does not involve combustion hence it does not produce any smoke or ash as produced in conventional smoking.

What is an E-liquid?

E-liquid also referred to as E juice is the primary component of electronic cigar rates that produce vapours in order to give the feeling of smoking to any smoker.

The two major components of E-juice are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable glycerine (VG).While PG is commonly found in food flavouring agents and artificial sweeteners VG is present in most of skin products and cosmetics. It is the vegetable glycerine that is responsible for producing vapours in e-cigar rates.

Apart from these two major ingredients, E juice also comprise of Nicotine and some other favouring substances so as to impart the standard smoking flavour too its users. Hence if you are a regular chain smoker and are looking for a new alternative to fulfil your nicotine cravings, E-juice can be an option to consider.

Choosing the best e juice depends entirely on your needs and taste. Since E-liquids are only available online hence there is no dearth of flavours to choose from. From Strawberry to coffee all major e-juice brands come up with many varieties of flavours. It is perhaps a good alternative to regular tobacco smoking.

Go for the best E-juice for better response

Do you want the best experience and feeling of smoking? Bored of the traditional cigarettes? Then, you must now switch to the electronic ones which, when used with the best E juice, offers the luxury experience, feeling and sensational smoke during the smoking process. So many choices are available in the market, you can choose the best one based on the nicotine level, flavors and others. Some of the people look out for juices, which can help in producing more vapors while some of them look out for less vapors and want more of flavors.

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