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If ever you come with a situation when you have to face the humiliation of a biased will, wherein you don’t see any reason why you should be included in the will, to manage the estate. These cases are different from other will related cases as here the stake to the property is recognized however the right to administer the property is handed to any person. The Victorian court gives plaintiffs 6 months from the opening of the will to file a dispute claim against it. In order to contesting a will Victoria it is critical that you understand what you are getting into as this could strain your relationship with the other family members.

They will advise you on each step of the legal battle

To begin with you could book an appointment with our esteemed legal team to see the feasibility in the contesting wills and if our legal team would do the entire study and give you legal green signal to proceed if they feel that there is a way for the plaintiff to get the will reversed. There are many times that we tell our clients that the case against the will is futile as there is no legal basis to it however if they wish to still pursue then we let them know the charges that they would have to incur for the legal assistance being rendered to them.

You pay the legal fees without hurting your wallet

On cases that where our legal team comes to the conclusion that there has been injustice and the court of law can be approached in these cases the firm doesn’t charge the customer their fees however the fees is taken from the money the plaintiff gains to earn on the successful winning of the case.  This gives the client a benefit as they wouldn’t have to arrange for the fees from their pocket and also they get to pay for the services only when they win. Call our customer representative and book a time slot to discuss how we could make a difference to the scheme of things in your life.