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olaa_18836_iphoneyelpAdvertising is the best ways to boost up the sale of the company. Without advertising is like body without blood, same as this the advertising is the blood of the company. A good and positive advertisement is always positive in nature. For every ad there are certain rules and regulation or norms. Every advertisement has to follow the pattern and guidelines. If anyone found breaking the rules, the authorities have strictly punishment. Best advertising is best for the business. Marketing is the best ways of promotion by the markets agents. They carry the marketing activity by meeting with the retailer. Orangelabel Advertising proving the best they have in advertising.

Some of the company makes promotion by branding the product. Brand is generally providing the product legal and distinctive activity. Brand got the specific logo, mark, name and sign. People mostly buy branded products to improve the quality of life. Branded product cannot need much advertising. As they are advertise by some famous celebrity.  Social networking involves the variety of tools to convey the information at very little cost.  Many people hearing of some of the social networking tools, e.g., face book, Twitter, and YouTube. Social networking is becoming of the emerging factor for sharing information in networking.

Criticism of advertisement

  • Advertising has developed a multi- Dollar business. it is not easy for the lower budget company to pay for the advertising. Advertising is the long process which includes various steps to complete, various steps include various costs. It plays a very vital role in improving the economy of the country.
  • Influence- The most common element of advertising is not information but suggestion. They cannot give the much importance to the felling of people. Sometimes, the customer gets hurt due to the illusion which was created in the advertisement. The actuality is something which is not the part of advertising.
  • Public space- Mainly public space is used for advertising. The posters are found in house of the people, which create the problem.
  • Food advertising is generally aim at the children and young. They focus more on the foods items of children like ice cream, sweat and breakfast food.
  • Cigarette and alcohol advertising- The major criticism of advertisement is promotion of the cigarette and alcohol without the intention to promote it. But they are aiming at the promotional activity without highlighting the drawbacks.

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