God has gifted mother earth with innumerable resources. People have started to realize the use of each one of them. Resources can be natural and artificial resources. Natural resources mostly include fossils and water resources. One resource is that people use abundantly the ores. Metal ores are very important in the manufacture of metals and metal equipment’s for various appliances and machineries. During metal machineries, there are a lot of scrap metal produced which goes as a waste. The united states recycle nearly 150 million metric tons of scrap metals annually which includes 85 million tons of steel and iron, 5.5 million tons of aluminum, 1.8 million tons of copper, 2 million tons of steel etc.

Other metals such as chrome, brass, magnesium bronze etc. are also recycled as well. This mining of scrap metals is important as the amount of metal ores present in the earth is fixed. People can take what is left out and if that is over, earth will not have any remain of ores. By recycling the metal scrapes that remain out of manufacturing metals, mining can be reduced to some extent thus making the ores sustain for few more years. Ores are not renewable resources in earth and hence its mining should not be extensive. This can avoid issues related to mining like the acid mine drainage which can be caused due to extensive mining and refining of metal ores. Recycling helps in avoiding the management of dangerous piles of mine tailings.

Advantages of recycling

Any product recycled is useful and it not a threat to the environment. Many companies recycle the waste to form new products and avoid the manufacturing of new products by using raw materials. This will help in maintaining the ecological balance of the earth. Recycling helps in reducing the substantial amounts of greenhouses gases emitted during mining from virgin ore. The amount of energy used to recycle scrap is also smaller thus helping in savings of money and energy. They conserve natural resources thus keeping the earth biologically stable. On summarizing, reusing and recycling metal scrapes help in saving the earth’s resource for the future generation.

Singapore recycle company

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